Hello everyone!! I am grateful and happy to be able to be given the opportunity to share my profession and a bit about myself with you all. I am Brittany Donovan and organization has always been a deep passion of mine, and after a number of years working in the medical administration field where everyday life was organization and helping others, I decided to take that leap and start my own professional organization business where I can help others in their business, homes, and personal and professional lives. 

I came across Glass Ladder & Co through another ambassador Beth Woodward, and what I love about this company is that it believes it togetherness over opposition with other companies and individuals’. They use animal and cruelty free products which is a bonus, but they are all about empowering woman and businesses and that seemed like a natural fit for me to join this company.

My advice to new ambassadors would be to believe in yourself and the brands in which you promote. You have to believe in what you are endorsing and promoting, as you believe in your company and your morals. Have fun and be creative, being part of this company that has the same morals and beliefs I do is very uplifting and it makes it fun and creative to support and promote this company. 

Brittany Donovan
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Hi Everyone! We are Allison & Laura, two co-workers turned friends turned co-bloggers! We met about five years ago working in the same department as Corporate Accountants, and realized we were both similar in values and work ethic.  Ironically, we each had part-time jobs in our lifelong passions too.  Discussing how we balanced our jobs and life made us close friends.  Laura's side-hustle is being a US Figure Skating Coach, and Allison's is being a Dance Teacher.  After years of discussing our lives and interests we wanted to take it to a grander scale and blog about it! We figured starting a Lifestyle Blog together could be a great passion project for the both of us, and we could inspire and meet so many other Boss Babes through it! We work a ton and really wanted to create something fun to enjoy in a world totally outside of the worlds we already knew: Finance, Dance & Skating.

We were most excited to launch the blog and start working with brands! When we launched we were looking into Blogger and Entrepreneur support groups to join, and we stumbled upon Tuesdays Together.  Our local chapter leader just so happened to be the amazing photographer Jen Larsen, sister of GLC's co-founder Megan! GLC launched the same time our blog did, so we kept seeing many posts from her sister while falling in love with all the beautiful GLC products we saw.  We knew we wanted to be GLC Ambassadors because their products and mindset aligned exactly with us and what our blog stands for.

To any new Ambassador, we would say make enjoying what you do first and foremost.  Keep your passions separate from your chores.  Don't put too much pressure on yourself or take yourself too seriously; have fun with what you do so it never becomes "work."  Be creative and embrace the journey (because it can be long and unpredictable).  People connect with honesty, so don't feel the need to always be perfect or do exactly what everyone else seems to be doing.  Be yourself, be proud, and smile :)

Laura & Allison
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Erin Girouard | GLC Ambassadors | Glass Ladder & Co | Ambassador Program | Ambassador

Hey everyone!! I am so honored and excited to be sharing about myself with all of you!! I’m Erin Girouard, a wedding, portrait and brand photographer in New England!! I am constantly inspired by brands like Glass Ladder & Co and I can’t wait to continue working with them!! I am 17 years old, a junior in high school and I am pursuing my business as my career after school. Here are some little things about me!! One of my favorite things is sending and receiving packages in the mail, so you can see why I love working with brands!! I also love Kate Spade and Rifle Paper Co, and I always choose tea over coffee. I have a pet hedgehog and she is the cutest!!

I love being able to provide people and business owners with photos of themselves and their products while also serving God and spreading my love for him. One of my biggest goals is to show everyone I work with how beautiful their personality is - and with brands like Glass Ladder & Co, I love taking pictures that show the mission and heart behind their business.
I discovered Glass Ladder & Co after receiving my Peachy Box, I am also and ambassador for them. The rose gold business card holder was included in the box and I love it so much!! I visited the Glass Ladder & Co website and fell in love with their brand. I can’t wait to be a brand advocate!!

My advice to new ambassadors is to share what you love what about products that you have bought, show off your new products and share photos of your favorites. Brands love to see photos of their products upon delivery and in use. Work with brands that have the same visions and beliefs as you so that you can serve them as best as possible.  And don’t be afraid to reach out to brands, they will be so happy to hear from you!! Connecting with business owners is one of the best things you’ll ever do.


Erin Girouard

Instagram @erin.girouard


Beth Woodward | GLC Ambassadors | Glass Ladder & Co | Ambassador Program | Ambassador

Hunting things of beauty has always been a deep passion, but where I really excel is in the creation and sharing of the beautiful things that represent your brand and business. After a number of years working in the event industry as a graphic designer, I started finding a passion with helping smaller businesses grow their brand. When I took my maternity leave with my son, I finally had the time to build my freelance into a solid side hustle. I have been supporting small businesses grow their marketing and build beautiful brands for a number of years, and the passion hasn't fizzled! I even run The Small Business Owners of Southern Ontario group, which is a group of over 1000 small business owners in Southern Ontario who are all striving to grow their business in a meaningful and productive way. 


The Glass Ladder & Co ambassador program was just a natural extension of my love of small business. They really push collaboration and have a ton of great resources for small business owners, it seemed natural to further promote that (and get myself some super cute swag in the process).


I think my advice for new ambassadors would be the same as my advice to new business owners. Find your "What for" and run with it! WHAT ARE YOU HERE FOR? Why do you run your business, promote a certain brand, have certain morals? It all goes together, and in business (much like brand advocacy) you have to put your money where your morals are. I personally don't represent a lot of brands, but would much rather promote the ones that have similar values, and support small businesses. Keeping yourself from selling out, completely cashing out, and burning out, are all of the utmost importance! You got this hun, just keep going <3


Gloria Moreno | GLC Ambassadors | Glass Ladder & Co | Ambassador Program | Ambassador

I'm currently a stay at home mom. I got laid off last November and I decided to stay at home and take care of my mom who was going through chemotherapy. She passed away in April and it has been a tough journey after that. I took the time I had to think of a way to help others who have cancer. Finally I came up with the idea of making bows and donating a portion of the proceeds to cancer research! My mom used to make bows (just for fun) for my daughter Zoe and I always thought they were so cute and special. She would say that when she got better she wanted to make a lot more bows for Zoe so that she could have a huge collection. Well now I am fulfilling her wish. 


I came across Glass Ladder & Co one day as I was scrolling through IG. One of the things that stood out to me was the belief of community over competition! So I applied to become an ambassador. I wanted to partner with a company who believed in empowering others! 


"My advice to new ambassadors is to be passionate about what you share and promote! Believe in the brand and that energy will project as genuine compared to "just an ad." Social media is a great tool to share what we like. Use it! Take pictures using GLC products and be excited about posting them. Get creative and always show support! "

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