Hello everyone!! I am grateful and happy to be able to be given the opportunity to share my profession and a bit about myself with you all. I am Brittany Donovan and organization has always been a deep passion of mine, and after a number of years working in the medical administration field where everyday life was organization and helping others, I decided to take that leap and start my own professional organization business where I can help others in their business, homes, and personal and professional lives. 

I came across Glass Ladder & Co through another ambassador Beth Woodward, and what I love about this company is that it believes it togetherness over opposition with other companies and individuals’. They use animal and cruelty free products which is a bonus, but they are all about empowering woman and businesses and that seemed like a natural fit for me to join this company.

My advice to new ambassadors would be to believe in yourself and the brands in which you promote. You have to believe in what you are endorsing and promoting, as you believe in your company and your morals. Have fun and be creative, being part of this company that has the same morals and beliefs I do is very uplifting and it makes it fun and creative to support and promote this company. 

Brittany Donovan
Instagram @brittanyadonovan


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