Brand Influencer

  • Take the initiative to review our products and spread the word about Glass Ladder's mission and story
  • Create content relating to GLC in your own unique way, whether it's videos/graphics/photos - we want to see you engaging  with the brand!
  • Encourage Brand Ambassadors and Advocates to get Influencer Status 
  • Receive your own affiliate link and a personalized dashboard to track your sales + efforts.
  • Receive commission on each sale you refer
  • Get featured regularly on our social media!

Our Brand Influencers don't just love our brand; they love social media and the power it wields. They're constantly trying to improve their own social media and connect with more followers. Brand Influencers get the most incentives for all the hard work they do!

You will use GLCโ€™s products, create content and write about our brand on your social channels, incorporating our core values while you represent our brand. Brand Influencers, because of your expertise and knowledge, you will be given a personalized code, the chance to be regularly featured on social media  and some of the most exclusive incentives, such as the chance to get our products for free and test them out, a commission for each sale you refer and select invitations to all exclusive events and webinars!