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Jenna Kutcher: GLC Fall Featured Girl Boss

“I don't think my story is different than most, I think all of our stories are different but parallel in a lot of ways! … I started with a $300 Craigslist camera that I bought while we were busy planning our own wedding and I wanted to document the process. I was working full time as an Executive for Target and rocking red and khaki every day in what I thought would be my dream job but soon after realized that there had to be something more out in the world for me. That was when I started to blog my photos (that were anything but good) and share my passion and it started to take off from there.”

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Instagram Engagement Decreasing? The SHOCKING Truth Behind your Lost Followers

Lately all anyone can seem to talk about is the “Instagram Algorithm” and how they seem to be averaging less engagement per post. While I’ve heard this through word of mouth, Facebook communities, and even other business owners or Influencers, this certainly seems to check out. Although engagement has lowered for everybody I don’t believe the reasoning is due to the algorithm change and here’s why.

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