How to Stay Motivated while Building your Dream Business (and Working a 9-5!)


((The Following is a Guest Blog Article by Aimee Barigian of "Be Bold and Free Blog" ))

Building a business is very exciting! You have all these ideas buzzing around in your head and you stay awake late at night writing out your goals. You are filled with so much excitement that you can’t wait to tell everyone about your big idea. In the midst of building the foundation of your new empire, you stay awake until 2am and forget that you have to be up at 7am for your full-time job. Hands up if you’ve been there!


Juggling a 9-5 and building a business can be tough but it’s also very rewarding. There is this creative desire to build a service or product that you are extremely passionate about but there’s also a need to pay your bills. I totally get it.  Sometimes, it can feel like you're spinning your wheels. You put all of this effort into a new business idea yet you may feel totally dissatisfied with your current working situation. You know that one day all of your effort will eventually pay off and you will be 100% satisfied with your professional and personal life. The road to success can be frustrating at times. I know from first hand experience that sometimes the road to success can be a windy one. It takes resilience, motivation and drive to keep yourself going. Staying motivated may not be that hard for you but sometimes that self doubt kicks in and you get knocked down. Let’s talk about three ways you can stay motivated while juggling a full-time job and trying to build the business of your dreams.


Take Breaks

 It’s okay to take a breath every now and then. You don’t need to work on your business every single day. To avoid burnout, I recommend taking necessary breaks. Take a few hours or even a few days and step away. I get it! You’re excited and you’ve been promoting your new business all over social media, sending emails and talking to people about your brand.

You think that if you take a break and walk away for a little while, things will fall apart! Trust me, they won’t. Girl, take that break. Everything will still be there when you come back to it.


Let me tell you a story. I was consistently working on my business for months while working a 9-5 and I didn’t really take any breaks. I worked on my business and continued to work 40-50 hours per week at my full-time job. It wasn’t until I had this shooting pain from my back all the way up to my neck that I realized I needed to take it easy. This pain in my neck lasted for an entire week and that’s when I realized I was working way too hard. I was working so much at my full-time job and doing my side hustle from the moment I got home until late at night. I was exhausted!



Because of the horrible pain in my neck, I was forced to take a break from everything for an entire week. I didn’t have the energy to work on my personal business, hang out with any friends and dedicate my energy to my full-time job. It was a rough week. I was forced to let everything pause and I was terrified. But, then I realized that this was my business and taking a break was so important for me. Guess what? My business was sitting right where I left it when I came back. It didn’t fall apart!


Stepping away and focusing on self care is so important. If you don’t take a break every now and then, the same situation that happened to me could happen to you. Our bodies know when to force us to stop and take a breath. Taking time for yourself is a perfect way for you to focus on self care. Take a bath, go to a spa, get a manicure, hike in nature, go on a vacation or do something that makes you relax. There is so much that you can do for yourself to really step away. Now, I mean truly step away from the business. I know that you are passionate about your business but to avoid burnout while you are working a full-time job, it’s important to take a break every now and then. Don’t even look at social media for the time that you are stepping away. Truly use this time to take care of yourself.


In an article with Business Matters Magazine, Jim O’Hagan with Dixons Carphone Business states that...


“it’s even more important for business owners to take a break occasionally to avoid stress building up and long-term exhaustion.”


While on your break, you might even discover something new that you want to try in your business or a new way of looking at something you may have been confused about before. It’s truly a beautiful time to rejuvenate and when you are ready to come back to your business again, you will successfully take your empire to the next level.


Take Inspired Action

The famous American Life Coach, Tony Robbins, is all about taking inspired action. In a recent article from the Tony Robbins website, he reminds individuals to “get inspired as you consider what motivates you in life. Every day, ordinary people do extraordinary things. Read success stories, books, blogs and inspirational quotes to keep your motivational fire burning bright.” A perfect way to stay motivated while working a 9-5 and building your business is to take inspired action and do things that make you feel good, both personally and professionally.



The idea behind inspired action is to follow your intuition. So many people have these regimented ways of looking at business and take action based on what someone told them to do or something they read about from a leader in business. There is nothing wrong with following advice as long as it feels right to you. I’ve seen women get confused about running their own businesses and as a result, they get unmotivated due to conflicting opinions about something they want to do. I was one of these women. It wasn’t until I just let go and went with my gut that I saw some beautiful changes in my business. I completely rebranded my entire business when I did this, and was inspired to continue pursuing my dream! A major factor in me staying motivated with my business is doing what feels right and what inspires me. Confusion causes people to give up or feel unmotivated to keep their business running.


Imagine how far you would go if you just went with your gut. If you just focus on what inspires you and took action based on what felt right, you could never go wrong with that.


I totally understand that for some of you, this concept will seem foreign. My biggest piece of advice is to do what feels right for you. Ask for help when you need it but follow your intuition. Taking action this way will help you stay motivated while you build your empire.


Celebrate Small Wins

Celebrate, girl! If you finally got up an hour early to work on something you've been putting off, sold your first product or even simply cleaned off your desk, give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it. It’s very important to celebrate when the time calls for it. Working a 9-5 and building a business already deserves a celebration. You’ve been working really hard and should give yourself due credit when you accomplish small tasks.



If you've been waiting for a big payday, know this may take some time and energy. explains that “The problem with not [celebrating small wins] is we end up diminishing our motivation and motivation is what keeps us on the right path and gives us the strength to soldier on to the top of the mountain.” If you keep hoping for that payday and it’s taking longer than expected, guess what may happen? You may feel disappointed and unmotivated to keep going. That is why celebrating small wins are extremely important. If you celebrate small wins with your team or your family and friends, it will help you stay motivated to keep striving for your bigger goals.


Juggling your business and working a 9-5 can be quite a ride. Staying motivated is important to keep yourself going. Just know that you have something amazing to bring into the world. Your business is important and working a full-time job while you build that business helps you pay your expenses and pay for necessities.


If you just keep going and keep motivating yourself, great things are on the way. Keep your head up, girl. You’ve got this!




Aimée Barigian

Aimée is the creator of Bold & Free, a women empowerment movement aimed to help women gain confidence in themselves and up-level their success.


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