Lauryn Evarts: GLC Winter Featured Girl Boss

Lauryn Evarts: Glass Ladder & Co Winter Featured Girl Boss | The Skinny Confidential |

We’re proud to announce our Featured Winter Girl Boss is Lauryn Evarts of The Skinny Confidential! Every season we choose a new female business owner who we feel defines a true girl boss. These women have inspired us in our own entrepreneurial journey and we hope that their wisdom, advice, and experience, will also inspire you in yours.   


Lauryn Evarts’ story of how she got started is one that stands out in the crowd. She was a college student studying Broadcast Journalism who hated school and didn’t think she could be happy working for someone else. Although she couldn’t figure out why that was at the time, perhaps it was a deeper calling within her that knew she was destined for greatness.


“I wanted to create a space where people were sharing their secrets rather than hiding them,” Evarts said. So she took to Rite Aid and bought a big poster board where she wrote out her vision for The Skinny Confidential. It’s astounding to see years later how much it’s grown and revolutionized. At the time she said...


“Everyone looked at me like I was a psycho for starting a blog… I have to be honest it’s really fueled me, I get off on people telling me ‘no’ and changing things so that it’s a ‘yes’... If I had listened to them, I would have been a newscaster today, reporting on other people’s lives.”



Lauryn Evarts: Glass Ladder & Co Winter Featured Girl Boss | The Skinny Confidential |


Lauryn’s Top 3 Tips for Jump Starting your Business (or Blog!)


1.) Start TODAY!

“You have to just start! There’s never going to be a right time. College was a waste of time for me.. When I feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to I get very uncomfortable. You have to get your hands dirty, have failures, and meet other people of different personalities! Just roll up your sleeves and LAUNCH!”


2.) Use Visuals

“It’s different than a Pinterest board you can just log into - I need to see it and feel it.” When you have a physical visual in front of you, reminding you everyday of your goals and your visions it really is game changing! Start with a vision board or a Lauryn Evarts style, Rite Aid poster board.


3.) Execute

“I did not talk to anyone about it, other than Michael, the year before it launched. I see a lot of people talking about what they’re going to do and not doing it.” Sometimes it’s better to let your actions and your success do the talking. Stop talking about what you’re ‘going’ to do and just do it. Let your work speak for itself- you got this!


Lauryn Evarts: Glass Ladder & Co Winter Featured Girl Boss | The Skinny Confidential |

Starting a blog and/or business is a very exciting time! In modern day social media, it can be difficult to not get caught up in the numbers. Lauryn said,



“Don’t look at the numbers! Look at the people you already have- What happens if you do that? They go out and become soldiers FOR YOU when then feel seen and heard... I’m very much about Micro VS. Macro when just starting out. I see people thinking they’re too good for their audience and it’s a mistake in my opinion.”



The other thing that’s common to get caught up in is monetization. Of course this is an understandable concept, but when just starting out it’s important to keep your focus where it’s really needed! “I didn’t even think about monetization for three years… don’t even think about collabs, be very choose-y about what you choose to put on your website. Otherwise, people stop trusting your opinion.”

Being a girlboss can be defined in so many different ways. The women we choose to feature as our seasonal girl bosses truly embody the definition of this word to us. We thought it’d be interested to hear what Lauryn’s definition of a “Girl Boss” is. She said, “ it’s paving the way and influencing other people but also allowing yourself to be influenced… a true girl boss hears their audience.. Community is so important… and do you! I have to do what works for me, and you have to do what works for you… we all beat to the tune of our own drum… If everyone is doing something, I try to do the opposite.”


Lauryn Evarts: Glass Ladder & Co Winter Featured Girl Boss | The Skinny Confidential |


Lastly, we asked Lauryn to share with us, her BEST social media growth hacks. “It’s a lot of finesse” she laughed.


She went on to explain the difference in platforms and the value that each held. “SnapChat is a way to really see what your audience wants and how to target them because you can see their screenshots... It’s so important to provide VALUE. Video is going to be HUGE if you’re not on YouTube, everyone should be… Podcasting is a long form medium of showing your personality, it’s amazing! Overall, you need to find what works for you, think of it as making a custom Margarita, you have to use your own ingredients on the classic formula.”


Well you’ve heard it here first boss babes, Lauryn had a TON of great tips, ideas, and advice! If you have any feedback we’d love to hear from you, leave your comment down below! If you enjoyed reading this or have any nominations for our next Featured Girl Boss let us know in the comments section.