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4 Secrets to Efficiently Working from Home

We all dream about the freedom of working from home, but with great freedom comes great responsibility. It’s easy to crawl into your bed and end up scrolling on social media instead of doing your work. Here’s our top Do’s and Don’ts for working from home!



Sit or Lay on your bed. It’s too tempting to nap and your mind sets to “relax” which will make you less productive.



Use a desk! Make your workspace beautiful and inspiring to you. Whether you DIY or subscribe to the Glass Ladder & Co. Box make sure you create a great environment for you to work in. Create your space with our “Design your Desk Worksheet” found below!


Don’t …

Work without a plan or outline! Whether you block schedule or are a serial to-do list makers, don’t be unorganized with your time.



Find a scheduling system that works for you. There’s a ton out there and one of them is just right for you. Or even create your own! Either way, you’re time is too valuable to not work in an organized manner.



Work for 8 hours non-stop.


Do …

Take period breaks; whether its 5 minute breaks, a gym session, or lunch with friends – feeding your mind, body, and soul will only help your business, creativity, and workflow.




Make yourself available to clients 24/7.



Create boundaries with clients. If you take a call after 7PM, they’ll come to expect that from you. You need to respect your own time and they will too. Create “office hours” for yourself and stick to them.


Well, there you have it. That is our basic list of Do’s and Don’ts you MUSTknow if you’re working from home. As you now know having an inspiring work space is an important part of productivity, check out our guide to designing your own desk below!

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