Is it Time to Leave your Job and Launch Your Company?

Having a side hustle and a 9-5 is probably one of the most exhausting yet rewarding lifestyles. Being able to build your own company from the ground up can be gratifying but working non-stop is exhausting and can lead to burn out. I think we all day dream about the day when we’re ready to take the big leap and go full time with our personal business. If you’re wondering about just how ready you are- you’ve came to the right place. 


First, you’ll need to assess your financial situation. You need to take a step back and look at how your business profits compare to your salary. Is it going to be enough to supplement your income? Secondly, how will this affect you? Will you miss your job? Are you sure you want to face the struggles and uncertainty that can come with self employment? If the answer is yes, I’m so happy for you and your dedication is inspiring, but if you’re answer is no –that’s okay too. Self employment isn’t for everyone. Whether you dream of being the next Tory Burch or Oprah Winfrey, having the dedication and confidence to launch your business full time is 1 huge step towards that goal.


Lastly, if your business doesn’t supplement your income- there’s one last thing that can help you compensate for that. Funding for your business through kick-starter, yard sales, and financial backers, can help you take the big leap if you need a little extra padding.  You’ll need to have a good credit score to apply for a business credit card so be sure to do the preliminary work and to see what’s possible for you.


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