You Got the Job Now What? 6 Steps to Make a Killer Impression at your New Office

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Step 1: Create a Plan

Starting a new job is both exciting and nerve racking. It’s easy to feel like you have to earn your place at a company when you start. This is normal and in a way, you are right!

Hopefully when you arrived at your interview you brought with you an action plan, of how you are going to make a difference at the company. If so, use that as a base and expand upon it! What opportunities for growth do you see at the company and how can you accomplish these goals? Come up with a loose outline, maybe a 3 month action plan. Whether you share it with your supervisor or keep it to yourself it’s going to impact your productivity at the company immensely.

Step 2: Take Initiative

Even if your supervisor/boss doesn’t require a report, you should WANT to give them one each month. It’s easy for your boss to assume you aren’t working hard or for them to forget all the little things you have to do throughout the month. Create a report of what you’ve accomplished or have been working on each month and include your goals you’ve set for yourself the following month. In order to avoid coming off like your bragging, ask for their input! Say something along the lines of this.

"Attached is the report and analysis from this past month- outlining my goals moving forward into next month. Please let me know if there is something you’d like me to work on that isn’t outlined in the attached.

Trust me, not only will they be impressed, but they will also praise you for taking the initiative and keeping them in the loop.

Step 3: Check in with Yourself

Don’t let yourself get swept away. It’s easy as the months go by to feel like your lagging or slowing down your hustle. Looking back at the goals you’ve set periodically, this will help to keep you on track and have killer time management.  You can even outline your weekly goals in your planner if you like to have check points for yourself!

Step 4: Stay Organized

I’ve caught myself having notes in 4 different notebooks at one time. My ideas end up scattered, to do lists go missing, and all of a sudden I forget what I even need to be prioritizing. It’s important to find a system that works for you! Whether it be keeping one notebook, just a planner, using a digital calendar and to do list, or covering your desk with post-its! There is not a one size fits all plan, so test out some different strategies and figure out what system is easiest for you to stay organized. Every day when I leave, I organize my desk, push my chair in, and make sure everything is in its place. When your space gets cluttered, it’s typical to start to feel overwhelmed and disorganized.


Step 5: Stay Motivated

Staying motivated can be a difficult task at work. Along with keeping your desk clean, you should decorate your desk in a way that you like! If you love your working space, you’ll want to spend time there and feel comfortable in your working environment. Whether that means hanging pictures of loved ones, ordering all rose gold desk accessories, or stashing snacks in your bottom drawer, your desk should be pretty, comfortable, and overall a place you want to spend your time. Working 5 days a week is exhausting and it’s a terrible feeling to dislike your job. Find a job you love, and create a workspace that you WANT to be in!  Create the life you want to live; you are the captain of your own ship.  

Step 6: Have Open Communication

I learned the hard way that bosses prefer that you speak up if you’re unhappy. My first job after college was a TOTAL NIGHTMARE. The culture was toxic and vicious, I was driving 2 hours each way to work, I was working overtime and not getting paid, in short it was terrible. I complained and cried to my sister every other day about how much I HATED my job, but when my boss asked how I was doing I just said, “fine.” Now it may seem obvious that I should have been honest but being so new to corporate America I didn’t even know that I could voice my opinion or true feelings. When I decided to put in my notice I explained some of my reasons to my employer, she quickly tried to offer solutions for me to stay at the company and I realized that hiring is an annoying process that employers don’t want to have to go through. To interview, train, and pray that the new employee will stay longer is not only inconvenient but lowers the quality of the work space. So in short, speak up! Your employer will thank you. They’d rather you tell them the issues you’re having, than resign in silence.This way it gives them a chance to fix these issues you’re having.


Overall, you have the power to make a difference in this company! Work hard, make your mark, and get that raise in no time!  Download our FREE Cheat Sheet to Getting a Promotion + a Raise in 6 Months or Less!


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