Instagram Engagement Decreasing? The SHOCKING Truth Behind your Lost Followers

Lately all anyone can seem to talk about is the “Instagram Algorithm” and how they seem to be averaging less engagement per post. While I’ve heard this through word of mouth, Facebook communities, and even other business owners or Influencers, this certainly seems to check out. Although engagement has lowered for most, I don’t believe the reasoning is due to the algorithm change and here’s why.


If your familiar with digital strategy and content marketing you must be familiar with Gary Vaynerchuck, who’s nothing short of a genius. Gary Vaynerchuk is a serial entrepreneur and the CEO/co-founder of VaynerMedia. Most marketers these days, don’t market in the generation we live in, Gary claims. This is true, I can’t tell you how often I see people invest $100’s in Every Door Direct Mail Flyers and yet $0 in social media marketing or advertising (such as Facebook Campaigns). There seems to be a craze of social media fluttering from platform to platform. From Twitter, to AskFM, to Vine, to and SnapChat, Facebook and Instagram have seemed to flourish the longest.. but that doesn’t mean that they’re not going anywhere. Although Instagram saw an all-time high for monthly users in April, little to no information has been released since. It’s a common case of yelling loudly when everything is great but speaking softly when things slow down. It’s important to know your statistics on Instagram but one of the most shocking is that 80% of Instagram users don’t live in the USA.



As we’ve said goodbye to many platforms whether officially (Vine) or more of a silent fade away (Twitter) I think it’s time we consider the possibility that Instagram, as a social media platform, is on the decline. 

Influencer Lauryn Evarts, the Skinny Confidential, is commonly quoted stating her enthusiasm for the rise of SnapChat, and indifference to platform Instagram—perhaps because as many other powerful media leaders know, no platform lasts forever (RIP MySpace.) Let’s take a look at the most popular social media platforms and examine their growth/potential to go extinct.



In 2015 Pinterest was valued at 11 billion and just this year it was now valued at 12.3 billion. Although this does show growth, it’s mainly just remaining static. Pinterest brands itself as a search engine for ideas, rather than a traditional social media platform. It’s not meant to engage with friends and colleagues and it’s audience is very specific. With “81% of Pinterest users being female” and “the median age of a Pinterest user is 40, however majority of active pinners are below 40.”



Founded the same year as Pinterest, it’s safe to say that Instagram’s growth was explosive, Although it’s been hailed as the future of social media and long been the most popular platform, it’s possible that it’s growth may be declining. Explosive growth is often an indication of a short-lived trend. Averagely 68% of all Instagram users are Females and 80% of Instagram users come from outside of the U.S..



Founded in 2006, Twitter ranged among the first social media platforms to exist. There are currently 328 million active Twitter users and 79% of Twitter accounts are based outside the United States.  The problem with Twitter is that it doesn’t grow so much as it just continues to exist, and many have predicted that Twitter will die soon.



Born in 2004 Facebook has been the longest run success of any social media platform. Originally fighting for attention with MySpace it officially won out in 2008 and has been thriving ever since. Facebook users are 53% female and 47% male. 82 percent of 18 to 29-year-olds online in the U.S. use Facebook and 79 percent of 30 to 49-year-olds online in the U.S. also use Facebook. The most prominent reason for it’s success is the platforms ability to adapt and reinvents itself constantly.


Facebook will remain alive as long as it continues to evolve, while Twitter, which hasn’t changed much from the beginning, is doomed to die if it doesn’t change with its audience.


One of the most recent prevalent social media companies to form was SnapChat, founded in 2011. Snapchat has reported it has 173 million daily active users and 71% of Snapchat users are under 34 years old. Roughly 70% of Snapchat users are female. What keeps SnapChat separate from the crowd is it’s forward thinking features of Virtual Reality. The first social media to offer this feature and the pioneer of VR in the social media world is why we believe the potential for growth and perseverance on this platform is hopeful.


Each social media platform has it’s own unique user base. If you’re a business, your ideal audience may be on a platform you might not have expected. The key is to think of the future, plan ahead and create a strong user base on your ideal platform(s) as early as you can. Jayson DeMers of INC said...

“Armed with this knowledge, invest yourself in the platforms you believe to be most likely to survive the social media “mass extinctions” that are inevitably coming—and don’t forget to adapt your own business to changing circumstances.”

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