Jasmine Star: GLC Spring Featured Girlboss


When it came time for us at GLC to decide who should be our Spring 2018 Featured Girlboss, we considered a variety of factors- someone inspirational, some one who is a strategic thinker, someone who can provide our audience tangible advice to help them grow their blog, business, or side hustle. When we put all these factors together, it was almost a no brainer to feature Jasmine Star. We asked her to share her journey in her own words, in case you aren’t already familiar with her and her amazing story.“In 2005, I walked away from a scholarship to UCLA law school to follow my heart. At the time, my mother had brain cancer. I wanted to be by her side and she reminded me life was too short not to do what I loved. I begged her to walk me down the aisle as I married my best friend and planned a wedding in three months.

Against all odds, my mother and father escorted me to marry my soul mate on a sandy beach in Hawaii. Wedded bliss faded into the reality that I had no job and was desperate to follow my mom's advice to do what I loved. 

That Christmas my husband bought me a camera, with permission to pursue my dreams.

I slowly built a brand, marketed my services, and transformed from a doubtful photographer into a savvy entrepreneur. 

Four years later, I was voted Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the World, and my work was published in a bunch of magazines. As I diversified my business, I became a speaker and business strategist for creative entrepreneurs. Now I help those with a dream and hustle to build their own brand.”

Jasmine believes that although we all come from different walks of life, with different dreams and circumstances, we all pass through similar phases. She breaks down the three phases for us:



(Dazed and Confused) 

I think every newbie entrepreneur goes through the same phases – first, you feel a little lost and not sure how to make a business work.


(Are we there Yet?)

Then you dip your toe in the pool of living life on your own terms. You might be doing the doggy paddle in the deep end for the first few years until you learn how to swim on your own.


(Let Freedom Ring!)

Once you taste the FREEDOM of doing what you want, when you want, with whom you want, you’ll never go back to a meaningless office job.


We all look for strategies I think, new strategies, new ideas on how to succeed, how to grow, how to survive as an entrepreneur. It’s easy to feel like you’re going into uncharted territory but Jasmine has a way of relating to entrepreneurs at any phase. When asked about her strategy she replied…


“My strategy for success was to learn and apply what I learned to my business. I was always a hard worker. I soaked up everything I could about marketing, storytelling, photography, and collaboration. I traded services for photography to get started. It’s the people I met along the way who’ve inspired me the most.


A decade later, my business philosophy is the same: work hard and help others.”


At GLC we believe in community, we believe in collaboration, and supporting on another. Some trending topics and methods in the entrepreneur world right now seem to be mastermind groups and mentorships. We asked Jasmines opinion on these current trends and whether or not she thinks it’s worthwhile.



“Yes! Nothing catapults you further faster than coaching. Whether you trade your products or services for mentorship or join a paid mastermind, you need to be around other people doing great things in order to help move you forward...


I actually started in a mastermind because I needed to fully understand my gaps as an entrepreneur, and that happens quickly when you're surrounded by other business owners.  Once I refined my goals and vision for the future, I invested in coaching...but I'm still doing a mastermind as well!


If you’re just getting started, start following people you admire and simply ask if they offer mentoring, coaching, or mastermind options.  Sometimes you just have to put your desires out in the open and see what happens.  But you'll never get what you don't ask for.”


Everyone has challenges and difficulty along the way- sometimes looking at seasoned entrepreneurs, it can feel like they have it all together and it can be easy to forget that we all go through speedbumps and obstacles.


“Sometimes it can be hard for me to delegate. I’m an in the weeds type of girl. I like to get my hands dirty and figure it out.


If you want to grow your business, you CANNOT do EVERYTHING yourself. It’s not possible if you want to scale your business!


I talk everything over with my husband, my business partner. We realized it was time to build a team. When you put the intention out there to find help, it’s amazing how the right people will show up in your life.”


We asked Jasmine to share her top 3 quick tips for success on social media!

1)   Do more video even if it’s a 30 second clip in your car.

2)   When you first start out, you won’t have fancy lighting. Always take photos and videos facing a window for good natural light.

3)   Don’t be afraid to DM people you admire. Instagram gives you access to great people. If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.


If you’ve ever felt drained as an entrepreneur, you know the danger of burning out. You lose drive and motivation, you feel uninspired and hopeless. It can be hard to make it through those tough times. Jasmine explained her secret to finding inspiration when you are on the cusp of burning out.

image (8).jpg

“TRAVEL! If you’re feeling a little stale, put yourself in a new environment. Whether it’s strolling to work out of a new coffee shop or flying to Spain, do it!


Hearing new music, seeing new décor, and talking to new people will always spark new ideas.”


But in order to PREVENT burnout from happening it’s important to create a routine. One thing has become very prevalent over time, the most successful and creative business owners have morning or evening routines that they do every day! Jasmine shares her own..

“Every morning, I snuggle with my dog, Polo, and make a cup of coffee. French press is my favorite! Then I either take a walk by the ocean or go to a yoga class. When I workout, I’m so much more productive and get great ideas!

I think it’s important to set up your own morning and evening rituals that make you feel good. What works for me might not inspire you, and that’s OK.”

If you are considering changing directions, whether it be that you finally launch your business, or change areas of interest- there’s a few key things you need to know.


“Let me just state the obvious:  switching directions is scary.

I have to be honest.  Really honest.  When I was 25 years old, doctors said she was dying of brain cancer.  She was only 50.  In that moment, I thought I was having a mid-life crisis.  I was literally half the age of my dying mother.
In that moment, I understood how fast life flies by and I promised to do everything I could to ensure I didn't look back on my life from a hospital bed and wonder What if...

Are pivots scary?  Yes.  Unpredictable?  Yes.  Awkward, painful, stressful?  Yes, yes, yes.  But pivots are exciting and life-giving, too.  Pivots make you thrilled to work for something you truly want and believe in.  Pivots make you breathe deeper.  Pivots make you trust in yourself and ability to success more than you could ever imagine.
Oh, and here's some good news:  my mother miraculously recovered from brain cancer and she's the first person I call when I'm hoping to make another pivot in my life.



If you're looking for people to "get" you or applaud your career-switching decisions, you may be searching for a long time.  The vast majority of people are afraid of trying something new, but--more so--afraid of failing publicly.  Most people don't want to be vulnerable and run the risk of closing the doors to a dream.
Your responsibility isn't to handle the naysayers, nor is it to convince others that your decision is right.  Your only job is to do what you've been created to do.  You must stand in the rightness of your vision and let your success silence their doubts.”

It's important for women in this day and age to support one another. We’re all striving for success and its key to help each other along the way- to build a community and a movement.

“I believe female entrepreneurs are special. They succeed in their own, intuitive way. The sky is the limit to what women can create for themselves.

Challenges will come up. I believe if you lead with your heart and work hard, you’ll live an amazing life. Women are cut from unique pieces of fabric. That’s what makes us so special. When we applaud other women, we allow them to create their great work. Collaboration over competition is my game.”


Find Jasmine Star here:


Instagram: @jasminestar