Why Blogging Will Increase Your Following... (and Credibility)


((The following article is a guest blog written by Kayla Polgar, to see more of Kayla's work, please visit www.lookinginwords.com ))

Starting your own business or blog site can seem intimidating.

"Where do I begin? What do I write about? How do I make a website? "

A lot goes into making a blog, but don’t be discouraged! Once you start writing and creating content you’ll feel inclined to keep going – trust me. Blogging can easily transform from a simple hobby to a life-long passion. Just take this quote from author Travis Huff, “When used properly, a blog can help increase awareness, showcase your expertise, answer customer queries, and establish your business as the go-to brand in your niche.” Even if you are not a business owner, blogging can help establish your writing voice and promote your work. If you still feel overwhelmed after reading this, I highly encourage you to still give blogging a shot. Blogging increases your following on social media and makes you a more credible author!


Starting a blog can be beneficial in many ways and market your business. Writer, Marc Prosser, suggests that having creative and informative content on your blog will intrigue your readers. People love to see original content, especially creative, authentic and unique stories. Over time, readers will invest in your writing and routinely revisit your website. One of the most-rewarding feelings is when people you don’t even know start supporting you. When your writing reflects who you are and what you believe in, your authenticity will shine through. This can lead readers to feel connected to a blogger, like they personally know you. Your stories will begin to resonate with your audience and increase your following.

Blogging can also increase your website’s SEO (search engine optimization). According to Huff, “If you use the right titles and descriptions in your blog, you can improve your Google search rank for ideas that your potential clients might be looking for.” In other words, when someone searches for a word that is connected to your blog, the search engine will return results with your website included. This is crucial for business-type blogs that are looking to drive more traffic to an eCommerce or service-based website. Huff also suggests that your business or lifestyle blog can have a certain voice or tone that expresses who you are: “It brings life to your company and helps you create consistent branding that can help draw in more leads from people who respond to your business's style.” Becoming personable and maintaining a consistent voice can provide readers with insight into who you are and what you do.

Personally, writing gave me a deeper meaning and purpose. It grew from something I would do in my spare time to a passion project that I would devote my off-hours too.



Credibility can make or break your new and upcoming brand or your well-established business. Becoming a credible and well-known source doesn’t happen overnight, however. It takes dedication, persistence and consistency.

There are a few ways to build up your ethos. According to Marc Prosser, “Being able to produce expert and insightful content for your readers establishes your credibility and thought leadership abilities, building trust among your regular readers in the long run.” Nurturing this relationship is crucial to your brand’s success. Readers want to feel as though they can depend on your writing and the information you provide. Therefore, consistency in your message or product can show credibility and reliability. Furthermore, discussing familiar material can prove you are knowledgeable about your industry or craft.

Consistency and credibility can show off your expertise, eventually making you the “go-to” source. Author Jeff Bullas reveals that “Blogging gets you noticed and positions you as a thought leader and consequently as potential customers read your blog posts and observe your commitment and passion, they brand you as an expert.” Building the reputation as an expert is important when it comes to boosting your ethos. Another way to enhance your audience’s perception of you is by listing sources at the end of your blog posts. Stating where your information came from or who it was inspired by can make your message/product stronger. This shows readers that you spent time researching sources and have the evidence to back up your claims

When I write blogs, I make sure to always credit my information’s sources. I also leave a comments section open to readers and allow them to ask questions or provide valuable feedback. Utilizing a comments section can benefit your blog by building up your ethos and giving your followers access to a one-to-one interaction with yourself and other readers.


People of all professions and backgrounds begin blogs – from experienced authors to casual writers. Blogging is an excellent medium to showcase your talent, connect with a wide range of new people and become a credible source. One of my favorite quotes is “don’t use social media to impress people; use it to impact people,” by Dave Willis, and it remains true for blogging.

If you don’t know where to begin your blog or website, start with main goal or overall message. Focus on building around that and the rest will come naturally. Blogging is a healthy way to expand your skills and relieve stress. Feeling connected and supported by readers you may or may not know is a great benefit from blogging.


Blogging can positively impact writers and readers. It can lead to feeling inspired or providing inspiration, and either one is a great return.


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