How to Expand your Business by Pitching to Retailers!

Hello Glass Ladder readers! My name is Chanté, I am 24 years old, I live in San Diego California and I am the owner of Roses N Rosé. 


I started Roses less than a year ago launching in March of 2017, I have always loved skin and skincare, being borderline obsessed my whole life and I always knew I was going to run my own business one day. ( I seriously never did well working for people.) I just never knew WHAT it was going to be. So Roses actually started as a blog, I knew nothing about blogging or anything like that. I just knew I liked taking pictures of stuff and I liked telling people what I liked. The blog I think lasted 3 weeks, MAYBE a month at the longest. I connected with the owner of Moxie Box and was going to do a product review for her and then ended up helping her with a lot of her re-branding and marketing!

Eventually after talking for a while she mentioned she wanted to get into charities and I told her, "let's do this together, I can do all of this, we can have a charity line" And boom, charity by Moxie was born and Roses N Rosé launched 2 weeks later. 

At first things were going okay. I had a good first day of officially being launched and things were going pretty steady, just having a few sales a week. After a month or so of being launched, I participated in a few local events as a vendor and was able to see first hand of what worked, what people liked and what needs to change. I started to really catch on and knew what I had to do to get things going if I wanted this to work. I changed the whole look of everything, the aesthetic and started to "follow the money." After working on that for a month or two, that's when things really started to change for the better. Social media followings were building up, sales were becoming more steady and I was starting to get retailers. I got my first retailer in July, someone who I actually met at the first event I participated in! I got back in touch with her and she was willing to let me put my products in her store under consignment (anyone who is starting out, if someone offer's consignment- do it.)  After that I had to re-design my labels to meet regulations in order to hold it in stores.

I held a flash sale in July to get rid of all old inventory and completely sold out in a day! From that day it hasn't slowed down and it's been quite the journey! As far as gaining retailers from that point to now, I like to think that presentation is everything. I mean honestly, would you trust a nail artist with bad nails?


Once wholesale and retailers became more serious, I had to market my products to the audience I wanted to reach. If I want them in swimwear boutiques, I have to show why it works with that. Spray tan artists, why someone may need to exfoliate before a spray tan, etc. You have to think what the retailer's perspective, why it would benefit their business.


Same thing goes for reaching out to retailers to hold your product, you would want to tell them why it would benefit them! and then BE. PER-SIS-TENT! I cannot say this enough. People are busy, people have work, people have lives, people have their own stuff to manage. Chances are, at some point you may be forgotten about.

Touch base, follow up and build a relationship first and foremost! Once you got them just stay organized, keep track, and be on top of it. It will be tiring, exhausting and sometimes you might cry for no reason, but it will pay off and all be worth it. Today Roses is in 17 stores, 5 states and not ready to stop. If you're reading this and have been wanting to start your own business, my biggest advice to you is just to do it.

Don't over think it, don't scare yourself out of what you want, think of what you want in life, think of your goals and take one step at a time.