What Business Should you Start: How to Find your Side Hustle

What do you do when you want to join the side hustle game but have no idea what business you should be starting? It can seem overwhelming with how many choices there are and you might feel limited to what you think is possible. We’ve created a guide to help you decide which side hustle is just right for you!


Let’s start by asking two important questions.


1. What are you passionate about?

What stirs your soul? What do you do that makes time fly by? Is there anything in life that you could be doing for the rest of your life and not regret a single moment? Passion is so important when you start a business. You may have enough gusto to start something you don’t love and do the day-to-day operations, but it’s unlikely it’ll really blossom into something great unless you wholeheartedly believe in your mission.


2. What are you talented at? Drawing, design, organization, etc.

What’s your side hobby? Are you a leader? Can you paint better than everyone you know? Are you the one that everyone comes to for style advice? Use your talent to your advantage. If you’re great at drawing, don’t go looking for a sales job. You’re going to be so much happier in the long-run doing something you love. Also, work won’t seem like work if you’re good at it and enjoy doing it.



If you’re good at writing:

You might consider: freelance writing, ghostwriting, teaming up with a web developer to create website copy, writing a book, becoming a copywriter for a company full time, or starting your own blog! Like they always say, “if you don’t use it, you lose it”. The same applies to writing. In order to keep your skills sharp, you have to constantly be writing. Start researching ways you can monetize your blog or take a copy writing course! If you’re good at this, you might as well explore the career options that come with it.


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If you’re good at sales:

MLM- sell someone else's product and receive a portion of the proceeds from sales you make (Avon, MaryKay, doTERRA). Everyone loves a good commission. Being the outgoing and talkative salesgirl you are, why not sign up for a popular sales company? It can be a side hustle where you gradually build your network until you can do it full-time. You may imagine MLM to be boring door-to-door sales, but you can make it exciting! Throw a party and tell all of your friends to bring their friends as well. Turn something you would do on a Saturday into a job! Once again be sure that it’s a message and a company you truly believe in, it’ll be easy to sell a product that you truly use and believe is great.


If you’re good with a camera:

The obvious choice would be to become a photographer. But there’s so many types of photography you could specialize in! You could become a wedding photographer, portrait photographer, landscape photographer, videographer, professional editor, assistant or second shooter, or whatever idea you dream up. Set up a site with your portfolio for potential clients to browse through. Check out this amazing New Jersey wedding photographers website for inspiration. If you love the film aspect, explore your options with videography or editing! If you want to start small and get your foot in the door then explore positions for an assistant to a photography or become a second shooter.


Types of Companies/Businesses



The cool thing about being good at something combined with the internet is that you can sell your knowledge. Everything from online courses, ebooks and even a shop can be done online. A great example is Karina & Katrina from ToneItUp.com. Both ladies have built a fitness empire from their own homes.You can create a product to sell or even open your own Etsy shop for crafting!



If you don’t think the e-commerce route is the way for you, consider providing a service instead. This can include photography, graphic design, copy writing, ghostwriting, personal training or marketing/PR consultation. Monetize your best assets by providing others with your skill set. If you’re great with graphic design and web building, consider being a web designer. Our favorite girl Lauryn Evarts offers her blog design services on blog-doo.com. You could even take up becoming a Virtual Assistant if you’re looking to free up your schedule and unchain from the desk without having to start and run your own company!


MLM Companies

This stands for multi-level marketing. These companies make money by network marketing, direct selling, referrals and pyramid selling. Yes there are scams out there that you should watch out for, but there are also legitimate companies like Mary Kay who share the wealth with you based on your sales. If you’re a social butterfly who has a lot of connections, this could be the perfect fit for your network.


Don’t let $ scare you away. There are plenty of options for starting a business that don’t involve much money. For some of these options you’d need consider how you will get the funds.

Check out our article called, “How much Does it Cost to Start a Business? for more information on the next step!

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