Glass Ladder & Co. was founded on the principle of supporting women and fostering professional growth in the business world- from entrepreneurs to the corporate world.


We don't believe in glass ceilings, we believe in Glass Ladders, because we know your potential for growth is unlimited.

 Introducing our very first mini-line of products on June 30th, 2017- we spent months doing market research and carefully selecting products meant to enhance the professionalism and style of the modern day boss babe. Our items are meant to simplify and enhance your busy lifestyle, they will tag along on every part of your professional journey- client meetings, typical office hours, or your home office. As minimalists ourselves, we believe in creating functional items that serve a purpose. We were founded in March of 2017 by Megan Larsen and Daniel Tellez in Newport Beach, California. Since then we have grown to a team of four. Megan has a background in acting, while Daniel has a background in modeling. Together they decided that they wanted to create Glass Ladder & Co. to empower other millennials to believe in themselves and provide the tools needed to build your empire.

We now sell worldwide and have a continually expanding ambassador program! Our ambassadors spread the brand message and encourage others to discover Glass Ladder & Co.


The most important values we hold are:

1.) Celebration: There's always going to be another milestone you want to reach, but we believe in the importance of celebrating how far you've already come!

2.) Empowerment: We believe in empowering others to take control of their own future. You have the ability to create the life you want to live! Whether that means becoming an avid traveler, owning your own business, or nailing a big audition.

3.) Collaboration: We believe in community over competition. As two members of the Rising Tide Society, we stand firmly by their beliefs. If there's a chance to support others and work together, we always encourage this.

4.) Protecting the Environment and Animal Rights: We believe in creating cruelty free fashionable products because innocent animals shouldn't have to be harmed for fashion. The production of leather is one of the biggest causes of global warming. As business owners we feel we have a responsibility to make environmental and animal friendly choices.